E-Image NEST Video Slider Carbon Fibre 120cm (Flywheel) NS-120 | Max Load : 6kg


The Nest 120cm Slider with flywheel is designed to easily capture smooth flowing footage. The slider uses a flywheel counterweight which provides a natural ramp up and ramp down, and creates smoother, more consistent footage. The rods of the slider are 16 layer carbon fiber and the head and legs are lightweight aluminum.

The patented adjustable counterweight damping structure offers perfect adjustability to suit different camera weights, and allows the slider to be tuned to suit a faster or slower slide movement. The slider uses a high precision Japanese bearings and German gear drive belt for durability and precision. The CNC machined carriage and slider body ensure a solid structure and smooth operation.

The Nest NS-120 slider includes a convenient carry case making transporting the lightweight slider simple.

  • Carbon Fibre double rail (25mm rails)
  • Flywheel for smooth movement
  • Included stopper you can adjust in the event you want a shorter travel distance
  • Bubble Level
  • Cheeseplate in in the centre of the slider with a variety of 1/4" and 3/8" female threads for mounting onto a stand or tripod
  • Adjustable rubber feet
  • 1/4" and 3/8" female thread on the side of the sliding plate for additional accessories
  • 3/8" Mounting Thread
  • Carry Case is included
  • Total length 121cm
  • Max Travel distance 103cm
  • Maximum Loading Approx 6kg
  • Weight approx 4.3kg

Package includes

1 x Carbon Fibre Slider

1 x Flywheel Counterweight

2 x Legs

1 x Mounting Hardware

3 x Allen Keys

1 x Carry Case