Aputure LS-mini20C Bi-Colour LED Light


The Aputure LS-mini20C Bi-Colour LED Light delivers professional, broadcast quality lighting for all your photo and video needs. Its adjustable 3200-6500K colour temperature and a high CRI of 96/TLCI 96 produces beautiful colour rendering, while the variable beam angle outputs a dimmable light of up to 4200 lux at 1m. Built with a cooling fan, the LED light can be powered using an international AC/DC adapter, a V-mount battery or 5V power bank, perfect for an entry level lighting system. 

Efficient Chip-on-Board Design

The Aputure Light Storm Mini 20C is built with a Chip-on-Board (COB) design that places a large cluster of LED diodes close together on a single board for maximum coverage and increased output. This system also helps eliminate individual LED shadows for smoother lighting that’s easy to modify. 

Colour Temperature Range of 3200-6500K

A 3200-6500K adjustable colour temperature range allows you to match ambient conditions whether you shoot in a studio or outdoors on location. Using the ergonomic dial and display screen on the unit’s side, temperature can be precisely and easily modified, making it a versatile tool for run-and-gun videographers, interview set-ups, and more. 

High CRI Rating for Accurate Colours

The light has a high Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) and Colour Rendering Index (CRI) rating of =96. Suitable for broadcast, the accurate rendering of colours optimises your workflow by reducing the amount of post-production colour correction needed. 

Powerful Output of 4200 Lux at 1m

Featuring a built-in Fresnel lens to help focus the beam, the LS-Mini 20 C is capable of outputting 4200 lux at 1m in spotlight mode. In its wide mode, it delivers 720 lux at 1m with more spread and coverage. With a maximum power consumption of just 30W, you can keep working on long sessions with excellent efficiency and very little heat. 

Beam Angle and Brightness Adjustment Controls

Using the large dial on the back of the unit, it’s easy to adjust the beam angle from 20o to 60o. This gives you a spotlight, great for highlighting and separating subjects from the background, or a wide spread of light for a much softer look. A dimmer dial on the side of the light lets you fine tune brightness from 20% to 100% to suit the environment and scene. 

4 Way Barndoors

You can further modify the light beam using the rotating 4-way barn doors. These allow precise shaping and cutting for better, more creative lighting options. Their metal construction is both lightweight and durable, lending even further to the overall convenience and quality. 

Temperature Sensitive Fan for Cooling

The intelligent cooling system uses a temperature-sensitive fan. Operating at under 18dB, the Aputure LED light is ideal for videographers and recording audio. You can also manually activate maximum cooling at the push of the Auto/Force button. 

Multiple Power Options

Multiple power options allow you to use the Bi-Colour light in various situations. A 5 to 18V port allows you charge the light via an AC/DC adapter or USB power bank, while Sony-type NP-F970 batteries provide 7200mAh of wireless power for convenient outdoor shoots. 

Lightweight and Portable Design

Weighing less than 1.6 kg, the Aputure Light Storm LS-mini20c Bi- Colour LED Light is a small, but extremely versatile and powerful lighting solution. Its integrated handle is great for photographers and videographers that need something extremely portable. As an entry level lighting option, the LS Mini 20 is very capable and makes lighting convenient and easy.