Slingstudio with battery plus 4 Camera remotes

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Slingstudio main unit

  • Slingstudio battery
  • Slingstudio USB adaptor
  • Slingstudio Camera remotes (x4)

Console App

From a one-person show to a big production crew, the Console App puts the power of an entire production studio in your hands allowing you to act as director and producer simultaneously

  • Switcher – easily switch between 10 video sources, and monitor up to 4 using the console app running on a compatible iPad or Mac device
  • Video transitions – Cut, dissolve, wipe, fade to/from black, and programmable transition durations and more
  • Video compositions – chroma key (green screen), picture-in-picture (PIP), multiple split views, ability to change ratios of each screen in split and much more
  • Import video and graphics – Import multiple video clips, motion graphics, PNG and JPG graphics for live switching, queuing, and highlights
  • Instant replay – replay the action in slow motion or normal speed for up to 60 seconds, with programmable replay speed and timing
  • Tagging & Highlights – create highlight clips by tagging special moments on the fly, and easily recalling them in post-production, saving you hours in your workflow
  • Custom scoreboard – create custom scoreboards by importing your own graphics, and overlaying with elements like team names, scores, periods/innings, strikes/balls/outs, and more
  • Select audio sources – SlingStudio allows you to mute audio, audio-follows-video, use a line-in source by plugging in directly to the hub or via a camera’s line-in, or by plugging in your existing audio mixer – we fit within your workflow and work well with your existing tools and systems
  • Video conferencing mode – Special low-delay mode optimized for teleconferencing with a remote location

Capture App

From an iPod to a Samsung phone, the SlingStudio capture app brings in your android or iOS device for the mutli-camera livestreaming and recording experience

  • The capture app’s auto-exposure feature allows it to set based on external lighting conditions allowing you to start fast without having to adjust settings
  • Prefer to manually focus and set exposure? The capture app allows you to do that as well
  • Auto-exposure lock, and auto-focus lock allow you to lock in those features to prevent accidental changes to focus or exposure settings while shooting
  • Zoom comes standard, as does an audio meter which allows you to gauge the levels of the audio being captured by the device allowing you to adjust for an optimal experience
  • Active camera program tally indicator lets you know the program’s been switched to the phone’s camera


Multi-camera magic in minutes

We call it multi-camera magic, and it allows you to pull in a mix of devices for brand new streaming and recording experiences with ease

  • SlingStudio allows you to connect a combination of 10 Cameras, camcorders, smartphones, drones and other HDMI and SDI video sources – compatible camera devices include DSLRs, camcorders, cinema cameras, drones, and other video sources such as windows and mac computers
  • Four of your sources are considered live at any one time, allowing you up to seven recordings with each production, including four individual feeds, one program/output recording, one quad-view of the four inputs, and line-in audio.
  • The SlingStudio team and our awesome customers continue to test and add devices to the SlingStudio tested or approved lists – click here to check it out
  • We support up to four monitored sources via wireless 802.11ac connectivity supporting up to 1080p30 or up to two monitored sources via wireless 802.11ac connectivity at up to 1080p60
  • HDMI video input – SlingStudio’s gives you the freedom of wireless, however we understand that you may prefer to plug in on occasion, and provide you with an HDMI Type A connector capable of handling up to 1080i60 for one of your devices


We built SlingStudio Livestreaming with you in mind, helping you reach any internet connected audience

  • SlingStudio supports simultaneous recording and livestreaming of your program output
  • The maximum bit rate for livestreaming is 8Mbps and can be throttled – input source bit rates of up to 30Mbps
  • Streaming is supported at up to 1080p30 which is platform dependent, i.e. the max that YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. allow
  • Supported platforms include Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Twitter/Periscope, Livestream, Ustream, Restream.io, and all other RTMP-capable destinations
  • Livestreaming “easy start” included for Facebook and YouTube



Four cameras, each 300 feet away from the hub, means that you don’t have to roll out 1200 feet of cable this weekend

  • Save hours of setup and teardown time by freeing yourself from cables
  • Our CameraLinks allow you to go up to 300 feet out for an optimal experience
  • And an emphatic YES, customers have used SlingStudio at convention centers, baseball fields, football stadiums, wedding receptions, through walls, on the red carpet – The SlingStudio hub’s military-grade internal WiFi network is THE real deal. It’s what we do.
  • You’ll need one CameraLink per camera/camcorder – Android/iPhone phones connect wirelessly via the free capture app


SlingStudio’s ability to free you from hundreds of feet of cable also means it’s easy to carry

  • At under 3 pounds for an average kit, SlingStudio is battery-operated, requires no cables and can be used almost anywhere – and yes, SlingStudio does also come with a traditional power supply and cable should you have a need to plug in directly to an AC outlet
  • Go the distance with SlingStudio by taking your equipment to hard to reach locations like mountains, and setting up for difficult shoots without the added burden of bulky equipment
  • In the spirit of portability, SlingStudio is compatible with your iPad or MAC device allowing you to direct from different vantage points on your set

Recording and post-production

SlingStudio fits into your workflow and removes hours out of the process

  • Easily export your footage from a single storage device to Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Apple Final Cut Pro X – SlingStudio comes equipped with seamless extensions for both tools
  • 4K Post-Production – save HOURS by creating a new program recording in 4K, in higher bit rates, or with higher quality video codecs by replacing your SlingStudio input recordings with native camera recordings as easily as a drag-and-drop using the SlingStudio plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Apple Final Cut Pro X – The higher quality program recording is automatically created by aligning the audio between the SlingStudio input recordings and the native camera recordings. Additionally, all of your graphics and cuts are automatically applied, saving you hours of hand-tuning and re-editing
  • Get seven simultaneous recordings of your four video sources/inputs, one quad view of four inputs (video only), one program/output stream, and one line-in (audio-only) recording
  • Create highlight clips by tagging special moments on the fly for easy recall during post-production for more time savings
  • SlingStudio comes equipped with an SD card slot, and supports USB 3.0 and Solid State Hard Drives
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