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Livestream TV: Now Servicing SE Queensland – Brisbane – Gold Coast – Sunshine Coast, Australia

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We are Livestream TV, a Brisbane-based live streaming company that also offers online streaming services and now streaming rentals in  Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast. During the 20 years we’ve been in the business, we’ve seen private streaming in Australia grow in leaps and bounds. Through hard work and a relentless drive, we’ve been able to keep up with this fast-paced industry, providing high-quality private broadcasting services for our ever-growing clientele. Since 2003, more than 2,000 brands have reached and inspired their audiences with support from our award-winning team at Livestream TV.

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing a livestreamed event delivered successfully. That’s why we take time to go through every detail with our clients before the shoot, ensuring we capture their creative perspective and give it the professional finish it deserves.

We’re always looking for the most effective way to help our clients reach a larger audience, without compromising the quality of their livestreamed event. For this reason, we always allocate an event management team backed by professional live streaming technicians and video operators to ensure your event takes off without a glitch.

Whether it’s a traditional on-site Livestream event, a fully remote virtual event, or a Hybrid event you are hosting, we promise to provide a professional online streaming experience that deploys broadcast-grade cameras and production gear complete with a broadcast van to the greatest effect.

We are currently developing an end-to-end solution to help corporates like sporting organisations host, monetise, and broadcast their own branded TV channels. This fete will see us cement our place as the premier livestream service provider in Queensland offering standout private broadcasting solutions.